Kim Froude raised nearly $30,000 for Wednesday’s Child by running in the NYV Marathon Sunday November 4th, 2008. Congratulations and thanks Kim!

Hey Jack and Marci...have a few more checks to send you plus ours! Three days before the marathon I saw my DR. at NEMC again because my hip was hurting so bad. She sent me for an MRI to make sure I didn't have a stress fracture (in which case I wouldn't have been able to run) but fortunately it showed a partially torn hip muscle instead. She told me that there was no harm in trying to run but that the chances of my finishing the marathon were slim. I was so upset but went for it anyway and finished!! Ran slowly the whole time, finished in 4:58, and had a blast! It was a joy and a pleasure running for Wednesdays Child! Thanks for all you two do for the kids! Love, Kim

p.s. Donnie and my family ran their own marathon trying to meet me at several places...haha!






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