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Letters & Follow Up

Hi Jack

I was living at Cranwood group home and I know I was between the age of 9 and 11. When my social worker Rob signed me up for Wed. Child. I have been through a lot with my childhood so I don't remember the details but I do remember that I was so nervous and you kept reassuring me and bought me a teddy bear from the gift shop to help calm me down. I want to say thank you because my parents saw me on Wed. Child and adopted me a few years later. It meant so much to have been able to live a normal childhood and be a teenager with a family than to go through foster care or an institution. I did not realize how much you were going to impact my life in such an amazing way, but now I know. I have a boyfriend and we have a 9-month-old girl named Danielle and I want to give her the best life possible. I would also like to share with my boyfriend and our new family the video of me on Wed Child. If there is any way I can help make this happen please let me know because it's very important to me.


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