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Letters & Follow Up

Dear Jack Williams,

Thank you for putting Jalen Hamilton on your Wednesdays Child. I am lucky enough to be able to work with Jalen everyday. I am one of the assistants in the ISN room at Balmer Elementary, and I have to tell you that Jalen is a much loved and cared for child in our class. I know that Jalen is a lot of work, but he is the shining star of our room. You just can't have a bad day when Jalen is around. He is always happy and his laughter is contagious. Our wish for him is that some family will give him a nice home and lots of love. He deserves this. We will miss him terribly when he leaves but we will also be very happy for him. Thanks again for this opportunity for someone to adopt a truly wonderful human being.

Dee Lavallee

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