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Letters & Follow Up

Hello, Jack,

I want to share the many ramifications of the Wednesday’s Child segment filmed at Ironstone Farm with Steven last year. I invited Victor to speak at our local Kiwanis Club, where we learned that many children have needs beyond adoption. So – we began working with his department to see how we could help:

Jack, it was your visit a year ago that started a new movement here at Ironstone. We look toward changing many lives for the better in the years to come!

I mailed you an invitation to join us for the Adoption Party on August 29th. I also invite you and your wife to join two other honorees as recipients of our 2010 Spirit of Giving Award in November. You were unable to join us last year. You would be sharing the limelight with Zig Burns - a polio victim as a child in an iron lung for a year who became a football hero; and Senator Susan Tucker - a huge supporter of the non-profit sector who is leaving the senate after 25 years.

Your efforts speak so “eloquently” of what the Spirit of Giving is really about – AND it’s our 50th anniversary! I hope you will consider the award.

Please watch for my letter. And thank you!

My best regards, Jack,

Deedee O’Brien

Executive Director

Challenge Unlimited at Ironstone Farm



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